"....superlatively well-played... exquisite performance..."
The Wall Street Journal, USA

"...From the very first the Duo demonstrated the mastery and long-term cultivation of their artistic team-work... [In the sixteen Waltzes by Brahms] Hirsch and Pinkas were able to create a well-balanced sonority which overall was still intensely unified by a singular interpretive spirit. They showed great technical ability, and were able to reveal with great stylistic logic a kaleidoscopic universe of timbres, perceptions, spaces and events... The F Minor Fantasy by Schubert was moving and intense, but at the same time lively and wary of falling into facil, cheap sentimentalism... They received a genuine ovation. The audience asked for an encore, and was accommodated..."
Modugno Giornale, Bari, Italy

“The Hirsch-Pinkas Piano Duo was absolutely superb in its execution of this extraordinary piece, exhibiting a unanimity of ensemble rarely heard...”
The Intelligencer, Philadelphia, PA

“The solo performances were wonderful. Both Pinkas and Hirsch are tasteful, imaginative, and skillful players with a highly developed sense of sonority and articulation, and their ensemble playing is both instinctive and experienced...”
The Boston Globe, Boston, MA

“...warm-hearted, alive, and authoritative performance of [Rochberg’s] Circles of Fire... it was evident that the couple share an understanding that is beyond a mere professional team.... The sense of enjoyment the music brings to the listeners is much in glorious recognition of the awesome musicianship that the performers displayed.”
The Comet, Lagos, Nigeria

“...Sally Pinkas and Evan Hirsch...have now recorded [the music of Daniel Pinkham] in performances remarkable for integrity, skill, and devotion... The marvelous performances by Pinkas and Hirsch should help bring this marvelous music to the attention of the public and of other musicians...”
The Boston Globe, Boston, MA

“...last week’s concert of the piano duo from the USA... would remain memorable because it was so “American”. Even the children - and there were almost two hundred of them...- noticed the style of playing that is unusual here - precise, clear, supple, very disciplined, even mechanistic (the last not as a reproach, but as a quality of playing, element of charm).”
Sergiev Posad Gazette, Sergiev Posad, Russia

“...Hirsch and Pinkas gave [Messiaen’s Visions de l’Amen] a rhythmically clear, strong, colorful performance. The force and intentness of it made it an absorbing experience...”
The Boston Globe, Boston, MA